Principal Broker


Spire 67's Principal Broker and a Louisville native with 15+ years experience and a passion for the strategy behind the buying and selling process.

Ashley Quinlan purchased her first home in Chicago when she was 23. Uneducated and naïve, trusting real estate agents and lenders to guide her, she quickly learned the cost of ignorance. Vowing to not make the same mistake twice, she studied market data and had a new strategy when moving back to Louisville at 26 and purchasing her first flip property. After seeing 53% ROI, she was hooked on the financial gain that could be found in real estate, and became a Realtor in order to represent herself in negotiations. With more than 15 years experience, Quinlan has flipped multiple properties, built a successful investment portfolio of rental properties, experienced firsthand the Louisville Metro rezoning and commercial building permit process, and assisted hundreds of clients in their residential and investment pursuits. Now a Principal Broker, Ashley founded Spire 67 with the mission to educate clients the way she wished she has been educated all of those years ago in Chicago.

“For many people, real estate will be the largest financial investment they make in their lives. Any Realtor can help a client find a home they like and execute a contract. But a great Realtor has the experience to educate a client on the financial opportunities, risks, and potential implications of a property as it pertains to that client’s unique situation and life plans.”